Raymone Byrd

Raymone Byrd

Graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems!

We are all Niners!

Raymone Byrd

I am an Army veteran student who moved from Cleveland, OH to Charlotte, NC to pursue a career in information systems. I chose Charlotte because the banking industry is growing here, and as businesses become more technological, the need for information systems
security rises. Furthermore, this has always been my second home since my dad lived here while I was in grade school.

When I departed from the Army, I had developed a significant set of skills and experience in my field. However, after many turned down applications, I quickly concluded that I’d have to get a degree to successfully compete for a position. I started my academic career at Cleveland State University though, I decided to transfer to one of the most prestigious business programs in the nation, Go Niners!

My words of wisdom for adult students considering to return to college are:

Use your resources and be honest with yourself. When you feel you are alone or have thoughts of doubt, and you will, reach out to your advisors, your instructors, or your peers.

My first year at UNC Charlotte was full of doubt and fear. I was afraid that maybe I had made a mistake going back to school, and maybe I could enter my career field by getting an IT certification (fast track). Being honest with myself allowed me to see the bigger picture. I thought, “If I get a certification, I’ll get hired yet a degree would still be required for any managerial positions”. Reaching out to my academic advisor equipped me with a toolbox of resources I take pride in. It pulls me through the tough times. I am now an SOS peer mentor for the UCAE and really enjoy being a vehicle for others’ success. It’s going to take hard work and dedication but the obstacles separating you from success are not meant to be endeavored alone. We are all Niners!