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IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO FINISH what you started.

Our students are proof.

Words of Wisdom 

You have to want this more than you want to breathe. It makes it easier. Just keep your goal in mind and everything else will follow.

Danielle Simon, Elementary Education, Communication Minor

Completing courses which broaden my outlook, while learning from knowledgeable professors who encourage and inspire me, has been priceless!

Janice Jordan, Sociology, Social Work Minor

“Ask plenty of questions; don’t go it alone. We all had to start somewhere and there are so many people on campus willing to help. Good luck!!

Rosemarie Chappell-Trotman, Sociology

“Be able to find balance, if possible. Having the ability to balance your priorities but also mixing that with your family, job, etc., can be difficult. Take time to prioritize your schedule ahead of time. Schedule time for yourself and ask questions when you feel lost!”

Bernice Reddington, Management Information Systems and Operations and Supply Chain Management

“Make sure to keep up with your work. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate”


“When you start to feel overwhelmed, breathe and remember why you started this journey in the first place. It will be worth it in the end.”

Crystal Mann, Bachelor of Social Work, Class of 2016

“Go to class; take notes; copy those notes; study those notes; and get a good nights sleep!”


“Build a network and get started studying early. Don’t wait! Plan, and study! But, make sure you also schedule time for yourself..”


“Deep breaths and lots of coffee!”


“Fear is Temporary. Regret is forever. Stick it out and finish your degree!”

Herrera L.

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