Adult Student Webinar

Congratulations on your recent acceptance and welcome to UNC Charlotte from the Office of Adult Students and Evening Services!    

Do you have questions about returning to the classroom as an adult student? 
Want to know more about services designed for adult learners? 
Looking for an open forum to ask questions?  
The Adult Student Webinar* covers services and resources designed specifically for adult and nontraditional students. You will learn about student success strategies, setting realistic expectations, typical transition challenges, tips for starting your first semester, scholarships, and so much more! Our goal is for you to be better prepared to start classes and to share information on important resources needed for academic success! 



These events times may conflict with your lunch/dinner time, so feel free to eat while listening to this session!

Will you be a new student for Summer or Fall 2023? Check back here for future webinar dates!

*Adult Student Webinar does not exempt you from attending the required new SOAR (student orientation and  academic resources).