Elisabeth Anne Bridgewater Scholarship

Elisabeth Anne Bridgewater Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence in Human Services Education

Elisabeth A. Bridgewater received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Social Work from UNC Charlotte. She is a licensed clinical social worker in North Carolina and Seattle, Washington. She is a leader in the field of behavioral health.

As a nontraditional and transfer adult student, Elizabeth continued her education at UNC Charlotte and was influenced by the support of the staff in the Office of Adult Students and Extended Services (OASES). Having earned her degrees and reaching her career goals, she established this eponymous scholarship to provide financial support to undergraduate students studying psychology or social work.

When she was a student, Elisabeth was employed and also served as an active member of the Non-Traditional Student Organization on campus. She was an engaged and valuable participant in OASES events, helping students to connect with other nontraditional students and University services and resources.

Elisabeth was a scholarship recipient, and her gratitude is shown in her personal desire and commitment to support adult students financially. Additionally, her generosity continues to support the growth of the OASES scholarship program today.