Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson McEwen Scholarships

Carl Johnson McEwen was born in 1893 in Mint Hill, NC, where many residents knew him well. His father was a cabinetmaker and a craftsman who often made coffins for neighbors and friends. Carl opened a general store in 1915 and started keeping coffins in the store to sell. By 1921, seeing another need in Mint Hill, he began a funeral service for the community. At that time, a burial cost $100. He also offered Burial Insurance during the depression years collecting from $.40 to $2.40 a year in premiums depending upon one’s age and health. To this day McEwen’s funeral service has become a household name to many in the Charlotte area.

Not only did Carl run the general store and funeral business, but he also had a cotton gin, an ambulance service, and even an air ambulance service, and several burial parks. When mills or plants wanted to locate in Mint Hill and couldn’t find a building, Mr. McEwen built one. He constructed a new building, store, house, funeral home, or mill every year for 17 years. He ran for the office of County Commissioner in the 1940’s and 1950’s and was elected by the largest majority recorded at that time. He died during his 6th term in office in 1953.

As successful as he was in business, Carl may be best remembered for his humanity and compassion for his fellow man. He cared about his community. He helped others start their own businesses. He helped Benor Long open a mortuary that is known as Long & Son Mortuary Service in Charlotte.

Carl was married to Minnie Belle Mann and they had four daughters: Bettie Weir McEwen, Helen Josephine (Lester C.) Anderson, Frances Mann (Charles) Hunter, and Mary Edna (Jenks) Ellington.

Under the leadership of Bettie Weir McEwen, the Carl J. McEwen Scholarship was established in 1961 by Mrs. Minnie Belle McEwen and her daughters in memory of the late Carl J. McEwen.

Mrs. Carl J. McEwen (née Minnie Belle Mann)

Minnie McEwen was a talented woman who was a wife, mother, and business professional. She sang in the church choir and participated in many community service activities. She co-owned and operated a dress shop in Mint Hill, NC and especially enjoyed buying trips to New York City where she often bought special outfits for specific customers, always knowing the upcoming social events in their lives. She was the personal shopper for many ladies prior to personal shopping being revered as a popular profession.

She was foremost a wife and mother. She had four daughters Bettie Weir McEwen, Mary Edna McEwen Ellington, Helen Josephine McEwen Anderson, and Frances Mann McEwen Hunter.

Bettie encouraged her family members to establish the Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. McEwen scholarships in memory of her parents. The Mrs. Carl J. McEwen Scholarship was established in1984 by Mrs. McEwen’s daughter Bettie Weir McEwen.

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